It’s All About Presentation

I’ve been rather quiet these past two days. I didn’t not blog because I didn’t have anything to say, but I didn’t blog because I crashed early the past couple of nights! LOL I guess this week kicked my butt pretty much!

So tonight, there was a dance at my daughter’s school. They had a DJ, photo booths, food, drinks, and snacks. The photo booths were set up in the gym, and there was one set up on the stage area in the cafeteria. The DJ was set up in the gym, and there were stations where the kids could get stickers and/or tattoos put on them. While I was getting ready for the dance this afternoon, I had this vision in my mind of what I thought the DJ booth would look like moreorless. I was thinking lots of lights, speakers, maybe a fog machine, you know….all the bells and whistles that DJ’s “bring to the table”. I thought it might look something like this PLH Setup, but instead, this is what it looked like wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-02-21-21.48.55.jpg.jpg Don’t get me wrong, it did sound pretty good and the kids had fun dancing to the music, the presentation just didn’t do it for me. I expected a little more!

That really got me thinking though. You know how when you talk to someone on the phone you get this mental image of what you think they look like, and then when you meet them, they are nothing like what you thought? I wonder how many times that has happened to people who have talked to me on the phone first and then met me. Have I disappointed people because I wasn’t all that they thought I would be appearance wise? Did I not present myself in a positive manner like they thought I should? What is my overall presentation like? Do I carry myself well? Does the way I dress go with my body type? Do I leave people expecting more? Not only am I not comfortable with my appearance, but now, there may be other people out there that feel the same way. Y-I-K-E-S!!! That’s a tough pill to swallow!

So now, I know that I need to work just a little bit harder to make my overall presentation a positive one. I need to do it for myself, as well as others around me. I don’t want to have a “just okay” type presentation of myself! While I know that what’s on the inside has a lot to do with what makes a person them, I also know that the outside needs to be well maintained and taken care of. Everyone knows that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we sometimes won’t even bother to give that book a chance if the appearance of the cover is worn or the pages look a little on the dingy side. I want people to see someone who is positive, someone who cares about their “presentation”, someone who loves themselves and is positive in everything that they do! While it may take me a little while to shine up this old book cover, I know that it can be done! I’m going to work hard and make it happen!!


Love Your Body

There are many things that I fight myself over. A couple of the hardest struggles are loving myself and loving my body. I struggle with those two things on a daily basis. I am insecure about my body and about my appearance. My self esteem isn’t all that much. There are times when I do feel confident that I look nice, but those are few and far between.   Then there are the days when I’m feeling the slightest bit of confidence and have a little self esteem, and someone will make a negative comment that will crush me back down to the ground.

Today as I was walking to my vehicle after work, I could see an orange sticker on it. At first I thought maybe the Security Guard left me a nice little love note telling me I had parked incorrectly or something.  To my surprise,  there was a note on my window:


At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to think. For a minute or two I thought I had a stalker and wondered if I was being watched as I read the note. Then I thought that maybe one of my coworkers had done it.

I looked around and noticed that there were a few other cars that had notes on them. I wasn’t being stalked. Whew! I decided to go see what the notes said:


Wow, that is really sad. I know peer pressure and bullying is bad, but kids should be having fun at those ages and not worry I about dieting. Do their parents know what they are doing? Do the parents themselves put the kids on diets?


This is very true. I have plenty of friends who are thin and healthy who think they are fat. They are always looking into different diets to see what they can do to lose weight.  I tell them to stand next to me and they will see just how not overweight they are.


I agree that magazines fill our heads with images of how society expects us to look. Almost every single magazine you pick up has at least an ad and/or article about weight loss. They keep telling us that if you are a size 10 or bigger, you are considered to be overweight.


It’s almost Prom time. Have you seen the dresses in magazines? You’ve gotta be super thin to look “good” in them, and there’s no room for any kind of tummy, even if it is PMS bloating. I hear quite a few young girls saying they need to lose 10 pounds to fit into such and such dress, or that they will look like a cow in their swimsuit during Spring Break if they don’t lose the weight.

I have no idea who wrote these notes or how they knew if women drove the vehicles they left the note on. I do know that my note hits home. Does the person who wrote the note know me or read my blog? Will I ever know who wrote the note? Probably not. I wish I did know who wrote it so I could tell them, “Thank you”.

I am working on accepting who I am and loving myself just the way that I am. I got this “sign” from my Bestie.  I am going to print it out and put it on my mirror so that I can read it every day.


It will take baby steps to regain feelings of love for my body, but I know that I will get there someday!

Life’s Storms & Seasons

So many of my friends are having storms in their lives right now, while others are chasing rainbows. I’ve got prayers lifted up for so many who need to see brighter days ahead. Just when you think you are beginning to see the silver lining, life steps in and throws you a curve ball. Sometimes,  it leaves you questioning something that you once felt so positive and strongly about or it adds more fuel to the fire that your soul has been extinguishing for days.

During times like these, I try to find something positive to focus on to take the attention away from the storm. While my storm may not be as big as someone’s hurricane,  I remind myself that this too shall pass and that it could be a lot worse.

During these dark times, I feel comforted when I reach out and talk to God. I thank God for his many blessings and for the gift of life. I talk to him about what’s on my heart, and about my fears and concerns.  I lift up my family and friends who really need Him, as well as those who are grieving. I know that I cannot hear Him when he answers me, but I know that he hears me. He knows my struggles, my concerns, and my heart. He is by my side guiding the way even when I feel lost and alone.

This journey I am on is a tough one, but God has mapped out every step of the way. This is just a season of my life that will last for a little while before it moves on to the next one. I WILL NOT let this season dictate who I am!

If you’re riding the waves in a stormy season in your life, let go and let God no matter how tight you feel you need to hold on. He’s got this!!

Today In My Spare Time….

This morning, my alarm clock went off, and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I was having a strange dream,  yeah, you were in it, and I wanted to see what was gonna happen next. My bed was also nice and warm while the temperature outside this morning wasn’t.  I almost fell back to sleep for a snooze when my phone rang. I answered the phone while I was more asleep than awake, and had a really nice almost 40 minute phone call before realizing that I needed to step it up and get ready to go to the gym.

Water aerobics class was pretty good today. The instructor had us doing all kinds of things and we were up and down the pool. It was greatness, and I sure did get in a work out! The hot tub and steam room felt really good afterwards too.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous when I left the gym. The sun was out, and while it was a little on the windy side, it felt really good outside. The family and I had lots of running around to do, and I was glad we didn’t have to lug around jackets. One of the places that we needed to go to was in Downtown McKinney.  Downtown was packed with people,  and finding parking wasn’t so easy today. I’m sure everyone was out enjoying the nice weather.

Something happened this afternoon that hadn’t happened in a long time! Somehow, I managed to get both of the girls to relax for a few minutes,  and they BOTH fell asleep!! I can’t tell you when the last time was that they both napped on the weekend at the same time.  I couldn’t decide if I should nap or get up and start making my tutu.  After a few minutes,  I decided just to get up and do what I needed to do. So today, I actually had some “spare time”, and I chose to do something that I needed to do for myself. 🙂 It was really nice to be able to work on that from start to finish all in the same day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again. While I’ve got lots to do, I may squeeze in some tutu making time as both girls want me to make one for them.

Hope Your Friday Was Great

This blog entry is gonna be kinda short….

I hope everyone had a great Friday.  I saw lots of flowers,  chocolate, and teddy bears in my Facebook news feed. 🙂

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend.  Looking forward to hitting the gym in the morning!

The weekend is gonna be kinda busy. Gotta start making the tutus for the Glow runs coming up.

Have a great weekend!!

Love Should Be Celebrated Every Day!

I must admit that I am a sucker for the whole romance thing that Valentine’s Day represents. I like the idea of the whole day being a love adventure full of surprises around every corner.

The crazy thing about love is that Valentine’s Day should be every day! Why wait until February 14th to let that special person in your life know how much you love an adore them? Is it because you wake-up the morning of the 14th and wait to see if it really is love that you feel? Does the love go away on February 15th? Are you the couple that constantly fights and says ugly things about your significant other only to be all gifts and romance on Valentine’s Day? Do you ask your buddy what they are doing for their woman just so you can one up them with your gift for your woman? Is February 14th the only time your significant other gets you flowers? Do you propose or get married on Valentine’s Day just so you won’t forget the anniversary date?

Yes, February 14th is symbolized by hearts, and hearts represent love, but you can express and show your love any other day of the month and year. Give your sweetheart a card once or twice a month to remind them that you love them. Text them during the day to let them know that you are thinking about them and that you miss them. Trust me, those little gestures mean a lot!!

Go ahead, spoil and pamper your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Just remember to keep on doing it after Valentine’s Day too. Trust me,  you will make your significant other’s day and year if you pretend that every day is Valentine’s Day!! Don’t ever lose that loving feeling!

My Bestie Is My Life Saver

Ever have one of those days where the world is spinning so fast, you can’t catch your breath, and things are being thrown at you left and right? You feel like you are treading water, and at any given moment,  your body is going to be so tired that you’re gonna sink and nobody is going to be there to save you. I had one of those days today. I felt like the minute I thought I was getting ahead and the rush was over, something new came along and it was just as much a rush as the stuff I had going on already. I wanted just a minute to reach out for my life saver so that I could feel calm and at ease. I wanted my life saver to hear my cries for help, and I wanted my life saver to tell me to breathe and that there was light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t too far ahead of where I was.

My life saver, a/k/a my bestie, and I have been friends since I was 16. We’ve been thru quite a few obstacles together,  but in the end, we were both there for one another. My life saver has seen me in my strongest moments and my weakest moments,  and is still around as they have not been scared off by any of those times. I’m human, I make plenty of mistakes,  and am no saint by any means. Luckily for me, my life saver does not judge me, nor do I judge them. My life saver understands me and knows the struggles I have with my body as well as my self – esteem.  They do everything they can to lift me up to help me feel better about myself on my “bad days”.

Without my life saver, I would feel so empty and lost on the inside. I appreciate them more than they will ever know!

Everyone needs a life saver who will be there for them day in, day out. Someone who will listen to the silly 3 minute voice mail message where you ramble on and on about nothing just in case you say something important somewhere in there. Your life saver will do anything to put a smile on your face on days when it feels impossible to smile. Your life saver will listen to you vent about anything and everything without using it against you later.

Do you have a life saver in your life? Do they know just how important they are to you? If they don’t know, now is the best time to tell them. 🙂

Has Anyone Seen My Sanity? I Think I’ve Lost It…..

Today was beyond crazy busy at the office. There was about a minute where I thought I was going to lose it and either cry or scream. Why are jobs so demanding? Why do jobs stress us out so much? I feel like I get pulled in so many directions sometimes. It’s very rare that I go into the office and do what I had planned to do that day.

I work for attorneys. We are in the process of gearing up for a Trial that starts in a week and a half. I love Trial prep. It’s hectic at times, but I love the rush I get from it. Sometimes, we will put in a lot of hours during the week and on the weekends while preparing for Trial. Sometimes I don’t mind putting in the hours, but there are times when I’d rather be at home with the family.

My plate is very full at the moment with work and with my life. At times I feel like I just need 5 minutes of total silence to be able to recuperate and take a moment to breathe without thinking of anything else. My problem is that I don’t know how to relax. I try, but it doesn’t work. I went to a yoga class once. At the end of class we were supposed to just lay still for 3 minutes and just breathe in deep and relax. Those 3 minutes took forever, and I wanted them to hurry up and end so I could get out of there and move on to something else. I must learn how to relax and shut the brain off. I will be working on learning how to relax every now and then.

I know exercising will help release some of the built up stress and tension, another reason I need to find workout time during the week. Maybe I should take up dart throwing again. That used to work for me to relieve some stress when I had a long, hard day at the office. Just picture the person’s face who stressed you out during the day on the bullseye! Bet you will hit it more times than you think!

So Many Irons In The Fire

Ever wonder how different your life would be if you took out a thing or two out of your life? For instance, if you didn’t let your kids do any extracurricular type things, your Saturdays would be freed up, and you wouldn’t have to worry about practices during the week. What would you do with that time? Would you take that time to just catch up on everything else or would you find another busy activity to fill in that time slot?

Life is crazy busy! Every now and then I go over my mental to do list to make sure I haven’t dropped the ball on something. In the mornings when I’m taking the girls to school, I sometimes have to replay the morning in my mind to make sure I’ve packed CJ’s lunch and snack, and that I gave CJ and Ry their Singulair. I’ve talked myself thru it a time or two, and the girls have asked me what I’m talking about. LOL I wouldn’t say this happens because I’m getting older. I blame it on keeping a busy schedule and always multitasking when doing things.

Right now as I’m typing this, I’m texting with the bestie, commenting on comments on my Facebook status, chatting with a friend or two on Facebook, thinking of a project that I’m working on, playing with the girls, mentally picking out their clothes for school tomorrow, and going over my mental calendar on things that are coming up. Whew, that’s a lot to do all at once. I think there needs to be more than one of me at times. I’m sure that there’s plenty more going on in my mind and on my agenda that I haven’t mentioned. It’ll all come to me while I’m laying in bed trying to sleep tonight. I know I’m not the only one who thinks of everything going on when it’s bed time. Hello insomnia! Who invited you to this party?

I need to squeeze in a South Texas visit with the family. Then I need to squeeze in some time to see the family in West Texas. Oh, let’s not forget about spending time with my brother who lives 7 minutes from me who I never see because our schedules are so busy. Wait, then there’s my brother who lives in another State. I’m trying to figure out when I can fly out to visit with him and his family. Does anyone have a private jet they’d like to let me use so I can do all of this? Pretty please…… I promise to return it with a full tank of fuel.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to take on a few extra tasks before the end of the week.  have set some personal deadlines for myself to get some business type stuff done before Friday.

I need some workout time somewhere, and I’m hoping to find some. If I can’t workout during the week, there’s always water aerobics on Saturday. Who wants to come with me? Anyone??????

Well Today Didn’t Go As Planned

Ugh, I hate that my day didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to. I didn’t make it to the gym like I wanted to.

My oldest daughter needed a 100th school day shirt done, so I did that for her. It took a little longer than expected to iron everything on. The afternoon got away from me, and I still had other things I needed to get done.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new week.  It’s a chance for me to start over and get back on track.  That’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Got my salad stuff for lunch, and I got my fruit for snacks. Still learning the ins and outs of eating the way I need to in order to meet my goals. Still reading my Super Shred book as well. I will be starting that in a week or so.  Just depends on how much reading time I can get in.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Praying everyone has a great week!!