So Many Irons In The Fire

Ever wonder how different your life would be if you took out a thing or two out of your life? For instance, if you didn’t let your kids do any extracurricular type things, your Saturdays would be freed up, and you wouldn’t have to worry about practices during the week. What would you do with that time? Would you take that time to just catch up on everything else or would you find another busy activity to fill in that time slot?

Life is crazy busy! Every now and then I go over my mental to do list to make sure I haven’t dropped the ball on something. In the mornings when I’m taking the girls to school, I sometimes have to replay the morning in my mind to make sure I’ve packed CJ’s lunch and snack, and that I gave CJ and Ry their Singulair. I’ve talked myself thru it a time or two, and the girls have asked me what I’m talking about. LOL I wouldn’t say this happens because I’m getting older. I blame it on keeping a busy schedule and always multitasking when doing things.

Right now as I’m typing this, I’m texting with the bestie, commenting on comments on my Facebook status, chatting with a friend or two on Facebook, thinking of a project that I’m working on, playing with the girls, mentally picking out their clothes for school tomorrow, and going over my mental calendar on things that are coming up. Whew, that’s a lot to do all at once. I think there needs to be more than one of me at times. I’m sure that there’s plenty more going on in my mind and on my agenda that I haven’t mentioned. It’ll all come to me while I’m laying in bed trying to sleep tonight. I know I’m not the only one who thinks of everything going on when it’s bed time. Hello insomnia! Who invited you to this party?

I need to squeeze in a South Texas visit with the family. Then I need to squeeze in some time to see the family in West Texas. Oh, let’s not forget about spending time with my brother who lives 7 minutes from me who I never see because our schedules are so busy. Wait, then there’s my brother who lives in another State. I’m trying to figure out when I can fly out to visit with him and his family. Does anyone have a private jet they’d like to let me use so I can do all of this? Pretty please…… I promise to return it with a full tank of fuel.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to take on a few extra tasks before the end of the week.  have set some personal deadlines for myself to get some business type stuff done before Friday.

I need some workout time somewhere, and I’m hoping to find some. If I can’t workout during the week, there’s always water aerobics on Saturday. Who wants to come with me? Anyone??????


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