Love Should Be Celebrated Every Day!

I must admit that I am a sucker for the whole romance thing that Valentine’s Day represents. I like the idea of the whole day being a love adventure full of surprises around every corner.

The crazy thing about love is that Valentine’s Day should be every day! Why wait until February 14th to let that special person in your life know how much you love an adore them? Is it because you wake-up the morning of the 14th and wait to see if it really is love that you feel? Does the love go away on February 15th? Are you the couple that constantly fights and says ugly things about your significant other only to be all gifts and romance on Valentine’s Day? Do you ask your buddy what they are doing for their woman just so you can one up them with your gift for your woman? Is February 14th the only time your significant other gets you flowers? Do you propose or get married on Valentine’s Day just so you won’t forget the anniversary date?

Yes, February 14th is symbolized by hearts, and hearts represent love, but you can express and show your love any other day of the month and year. Give your sweetheart a card once or twice a month to remind them that you love them. Text them during the day to let them know that you are thinking about them and that you miss them. Trust me, those little gestures mean a lot!!

Go ahead, spoil and pamper your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Just remember to keep on doing it after Valentine’s Day too. Trust me,  you will make your significant other’s day and year if you pretend that every day is Valentine’s Day!! Don’t ever lose that loving feeling!


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