Love Your Body

There are many things that I fight myself over. A couple of the hardest struggles are loving myself and loving my body. I struggle with those two things on a daily basis. I am insecure about my body and about my appearance. My self esteem isn’t all that much. There are times when I do feel confident that I look nice, but those are few and far between.   Then there are the days when I’m feeling the slightest bit of confidence and have a little self esteem, and someone will make a negative comment that will crush me back down to the ground.

Today as I was walking to my vehicle after work, I could see an orange sticker on it. At first I thought maybe the Security Guard left me a nice little love note telling me I had parked incorrectly or something.  To my surprise,  there was a note on my window:


At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to think. For a minute or two I thought I had a stalker and wondered if I was being watched as I read the note. Then I thought that maybe one of my coworkers had done it.

I looked around and noticed that there were a few other cars that had notes on them. I wasn’t being stalked. Whew! I decided to go see what the notes said:


Wow, that is really sad. I know peer pressure and bullying is bad, but kids should be having fun at those ages and not worry I about dieting. Do their parents know what they are doing? Do the parents themselves put the kids on diets?


This is very true. I have plenty of friends who are thin and healthy who think they are fat. They are always looking into different diets to see what they can do to lose weight.  I tell them to stand next to me and they will see just how not overweight they are.


I agree that magazines fill our heads with images of how society expects us to look. Almost every single magazine you pick up has at least an ad and/or article about weight loss. They keep telling us that if you are a size 10 or bigger, you are considered to be overweight.


It’s almost Prom time. Have you seen the dresses in magazines? You’ve gotta be super thin to look “good” in them, and there’s no room for any kind of tummy, even if it is PMS bloating. I hear quite a few young girls saying they need to lose 10 pounds to fit into such and such dress, or that they will look like a cow in their swimsuit during Spring Break if they don’t lose the weight.

I have no idea who wrote these notes or how they knew if women drove the vehicles they left the note on. I do know that my note hits home. Does the person who wrote the note know me or read my blog? Will I ever know who wrote the note? Probably not. I wish I did know who wrote it so I could tell them, “Thank you”.

I am working on accepting who I am and loving myself just the way that I am. I got this “sign” from my Bestie.  I am going to print it out and put it on my mirror so that I can read it every day.


It will take baby steps to regain feelings of love for my body, but I know that I will get there someday!


One comment on “Love Your Body

  1. DitchTheBun says:

    That post it thing is a great idea. I would like to meet that person. How interesting.

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