It’s All About Presentation

I’ve been rather quiet these past two days. I didn’t not blog because I didn’t have anything to say, but I didn’t blog because I crashed early the past couple of nights! LOL I guess this week kicked my butt pretty much!

So tonight, there was a dance at my daughter’s school. They had a DJ, photo booths, food, drinks, and snacks. The photo booths were set up in the gym, and there was one set up on the stage area in the cafeteria. The DJ was set up in the gym, and there were stations where the kids could get stickers and/or tattoos put on them. While I was getting ready for the dance this afternoon, I had this vision in my mind of what I thought the DJ booth would look like moreorless. I was thinking lots of lights, speakers, maybe a fog machine, you know….all the bells and whistles that DJ’s “bring to the table”. I thought it might look something like this PLH Setup, but instead, this is what it looked like wpid-storageemulated0DCIMCamera2014-02-21-21.48.55.jpg.jpg Don’t get me wrong, it did sound pretty good and the kids had fun dancing to the music, the presentation just didn’t do it for me. I expected a little more!

That really got me thinking though. You know how when you talk to someone on the phone you get this mental image of what you think they look like, and then when you meet them, they are nothing like what you thought? I wonder how many times that has happened to people who have talked to me on the phone first and then met me. Have I disappointed people because I wasn’t all that they thought I would be appearance wise? Did I not present myself in a positive manner like they thought I should? What is my overall presentation like? Do I carry myself well? Does the way I dress go with my body type? Do I leave people expecting more? Not only am I not comfortable with my appearance, but now, there may be other people out there that feel the same way. Y-I-K-E-S!!! That’s a tough pill to swallow!

So now, I know that I need to work just a little bit harder to make my overall presentation a positive one. I need to do it for myself, as well as others around me. I don’t want to have a “just okay” type presentation of myself! While I know that what’s on the inside has a lot to do with what makes a person them, I also know that the outside needs to be well maintained and taken care of. Everyone knows that we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we sometimes won’t even bother to give that book a chance if the appearance of the cover is worn or the pages look a little on the dingy side. I want people to see someone who is positive, someone who cares about their “presentation”, someone who loves themselves and is positive in everything that they do! While it may take me a little while to shine up this old book cover, I know that it can be done! I’m going to work hard and make it happen!!


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