16 Goals for 2016

I know that making new years resolutions is so cliché, so I’ve decided to set goals for myself instead of resolutions. Yes, they may sound the same, but setting goals just sounds better and easier to do.

1. Join a Bible Study
2. Go back to Church
3. Set realistic deadlines
4. Visit family more often
5. Paint at least once a month
6. Take the girls on more dates
7. Hand write an actual letter to family/friends
8. Start taking better care of myself
9. Read to the girls more often
10. Write more poetry
11. Read God’s Word at least once a day
12. Spend more time with friends
13. Take a minute to smell the roses
14 Find some “me” time somewhere in the day
15. More random acts of kindness
16. Focus more on what’s important in life

Making this list is harder than you think! Here’s to a positive 2016!!


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