Nike’s Dri Fit Be Strong Capris

Today I went to the Nike Outlet Store. I decided to go there to buy some workout pants/spanx since nothing I own at the moment fits the right way. Plus, I wanted to try some stuff on to find out what size I wore in case I ever wanted to purchase anything on their website.

I ended up buying 1 pair of “training” capris, 2 pairs of running capris, and 1 shirt. Since I now know how this stuff feels while working out, I plan on going back to get a few more items.

Instead of posting just pictures of my purchases, I decided that I would do video reviews of my workout gear so that people could hear my words. 🙂

My first review today is of the Be Strong Dri Fit Capris. I got some black ones. They are really comfortable and soft. Man, my feet look really big….Haha!


At first, I was skeptical to purchase them. I was afraid that they would be too tight, but they went up with no problem, and I wasn’t spilling out of them or anything like that.

To view my video review, click HERE to be redirected to my YouTube channel.

These capris really do hold in the moisture as you workout. You can’t feel or smell the sweat until you take the pants off. LOL They work really well to keep you dry.

I recommend these to anyone who needs new workout gear. They definitely do what the labels say they do, and they are really comfortable.

Until my next blog and/or review…..



Love Should Be Celebrated Every Day!

I must admit that I am a sucker for the whole romance thing that Valentine’s Day represents. I like the idea of the whole day being a love adventure full of surprises around every corner.

The crazy thing about love is that Valentine’s Day should be every day! Why wait until February 14th to let that special person in your life know how much you love an adore them? Is it because you wake-up the morning of the 14th and wait to see if it really is love that you feel? Does the love go away on February 15th? Are you the couple that constantly fights and says ugly things about your significant other only to be all gifts and romance on Valentine’s Day? Do you ask your buddy what they are doing for their woman just so you can one up them with your gift for your woman? Is February 14th the only time your significant other gets you flowers? Do you propose or get married on Valentine’s Day just so you won’t forget the anniversary date?

Yes, February 14th is symbolized by hearts, and hearts represent love, but you can express and show your love any other day of the month and year. Give your sweetheart a card once or twice a month to remind them that you love them. Text them during the day to let them know that you are thinking about them and that you miss them. Trust me, those little gestures mean a lot!!

Go ahead, spoil and pamper your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Just remember to keep on doing it after Valentine’s Day too. Trust me,  you will make your significant other’s day and year if you pretend that every day is Valentine’s Day!! Don’t ever lose that loving feeling!

Welcome To My Blog….

Welcome everyone! I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and share with everyone that I am not comfortable with who I am… that, I mean my appearance and my weight. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep a blog while I’m on my journey to being the person that I want to be. It’s going to be a struggle at times, and I can’t promise that my blog entries will be filled with sunshine and happiness! What I can tell you is that I WILL NOT tolerate rude or bully type comments left here on my blog. I will block those that leave any kind of comments like that. It’s hard enough feeling the way I do about myself, I don’t need anyone adding to that! The awesome thing about this journey is that I know I have an awesome supporter who loves me and accepts me for me! I also have some friends by my side who are walking the same journey I am! Even though I may feel all alone at times, I know that I’m not! Feel free to stay on this journey with me if you’d like! If you decide to bail, no hard feelings! I’ve got this!! Taking the first step is the hardest, and I’m ready to do just that! Besides, I’m the ONLY ONE holding myself back from getting the journey started! Here I Go…….