Took The First Step…..First Workout In A LONG Time

This morning, it was 20+ degrees outside. I was in my nice, comfy, warm bed when my alarm went off at 7:15 a.m., and I hit snooze and was thinking of a billion reasons as to why I needed to stay in bed instead of going to the gym. I tried to fall back asleep as I was waiting for the alarm to ring again. The thing about that was I COULDN’T FALL BACK TO SLEEP! I then decided I would just get out of bed and get ready to go to the gym. As I was packing my gym bag, I realized my lock, from the last time I had gone to the gym about 4 years ago, wasn’t in my bag. Darnit, I gotta stop somewhere and get a lock. Luckily for me, I was ahead of schedule.

As I was telling the kiddos goodbye, the oldest asked where I was going. I told her I was going to the gym. Right away, she assumed I was going to gymnastics. Um, no. I would break something or several things if I tried that. LOL I told her I was going to a different gym she hadn’t seen. The three year old started pouting and saying she wanted me to stay with her. I told her that I would be back soon, but she kept crying and saying she wanted me. Once again, I told her that I was going to the gym and that I’d be back soon. Then she starts saying, “I don’t want you to go to gymnastics.” I had to disappoint the both of them by going to workout instead of gymnastics. Maybe in my next lifetime I will take up gymnastics. LOL

So I get to LA Fitness, get out of my vehicle, and walk towards the front door. Man, it sure was a cold walk. Remind me again why I’m out in this kinda weather instead of at home in my warm bed… I walk in, tell the guy I had renewed my membership and needed a new keychain barcode thingy. He asked for my phone number, punched it in, and scanned me a new keychain barcode thingy, and sent me on my way. I walked thru the gym towards the locker room. Man, I haven’t walked this path in a very long time. Is everyone staring at me? What are they thinking? Hurry up, walk faster!! You’re almost there. Whew, I get into the locker room, put my stuff in a locker, and start heading out towards the indoor pool area. I turn around and bam, a woman is stripping down to her birthday suit to put on her swimsuit, right there, right in the open, in front of everyone. Mind you, she’s carrying on a full blown conversation with someone. This is a part of the gym that I had forgotten about. LOL Why do women think that it’s okay to do that? You won’t catch me doing that EVER! I don’t care if I have a body like Barbie! NO FREAKIN’ WAY!!!

I walk out to the pool area, and there are 2 people in the pool. One person is swimming laps, and the other is jogging in place. I grab my water weights and get into the pool. Thank God the pool was nice and warm. The person jogging in place looks at me, her face is familiar from the last time I had been to a class there. Wait, she’s the instructor that was there. Yes, something familiar. I don’t feel all that awkward or out of place anymore. She says hi, introduces herself, and starts telling me about the class. Then she said that the parking lot was pretty empty, and that she was glad I came out to her class today. She said she knew that I could’ve stayed in my nice warm house, but instead, I chose to come to class. Other people start coming into the class, arriving a few at a time. Class starts, and the instructor wastes no time giving out commands as to what we needed to do. While it all came back to me immediately, there were a few things that took me a little while to pick up. Class was AWESOME! I forgot how GREAT it felt after moving like that!!! Will I be going back? YES, I WILL!! After class, a few of us got into the hot tub. Agh….it felt so wonderful. Can I stay in here forever or at least for the next 15 minutes. LOL

At LA Fitness they schedule an assessment with a Personal Trainer when you sign up. I had thought about skipping out on the appointment they had made for me without checking to see if I was available. I would just play dumb and say I never got the email if they called to ask why I had missed my assessment appointment. I decided to go on ahead with the assessment just to see what they had to say. The Trainer sits me down and has me fill out a worksheet that had questions all about me. This was his tool to get to know me better. No, this is a tool that let’s me know that I have a long way to go, and that it’s going to take me a long time to reach my goals. So he does his spill, and we go workout my legs. He shows me the first machine, piece of cake. I nailed it. Then he made me do these lunges out on the floor in the middle of the gym. Talk about feeling uncomfortable. OMG, that was not pleasant as I felt everyone was watching and criticizing me. Then it’s back on the machine, and back to lunging. Seriously, dude? Why are you making me do this out here in front of everyone. We move to the back of the gym, over on the side of a wall. He shows me what to do, and it looks easy. I did it, it wasn’t all that bad, and I don’t want to kill him anymore. Then he takes me over to another area, and we do this step exercise with a weight ball. That one felt awkward at first, but I got thru it. So after that, back to the wall thing we go. My legs are jello at that point. I’m back to wanting to kill him. He hates my shirt (Tony Parker), and he makes it known. I told him he needs to quit being so mean and wanting to kill me with these leg moves. He said he was being nice and even said “please” before telling me what to do. LOL We had only been working out for 10 minutes, and of course, I felt like it was about 30 minutes. We move over to this one machine. Do this with one leg he says. Yeah okay, I can do this. Wait, I could do it! My leg strength isn’t what it used to be because of the herniated disk in my back, but I got thru the reps. Then it’s off to the side of machine to do tiptoe moves. Got thru those, no problem. Then it’s back to the one leg squat moves. OMG, my legs were wanting to give out at that point. Did the tiptoe thing again, and we were done. So we go back to his desk and he shows me the “trainer packages that are such a great deal”. Um, more like expensive for this Momma who has to pay childcare expenses! He said that the first option was a steal ($40/week for 1 25 minute workout). Yeah buddy, that’s $160 that I could use elsewhere. He said that I shouldn’t have to really think about it because it is worth my health. It may be worth my health to workout with a Trainer, but I don’t want to be broke either just because you think I won’t benefit unless I have a Trainer. Yeah, I’m gonna think about that one before signing my name on the dotted line.

So I walk back to the locker room to get my stuff. Walking normal was very hard to do or so that’s how it felt. Walking from the locker room to the parking lot seemed to take forever. LOL So I get home, and I need to go upstairs. OMG, that was killer on the legs. Remind me again why I told the Trainer I wanted to work on legs today. Haha!

God willing, I plan on going to the gym tomorrow. I’m hoping my friend Janet will meet me there! I’m hoping that I will be able to walk and not be in pain when I wake-up in the morning. LOL