Today In My Spare Time….

This morning, my alarm clock went off, and I didn’t want to get out of bed.  I was having a strange dream,  yeah, you were in it, and I wanted to see what was gonna happen next. My bed was also nice and warm while the temperature outside this morning wasn’t.  I almost fell back to sleep for a snooze when my phone rang. I answered the phone while I was more asleep than awake, and had a really nice almost 40 minute phone call before realizing that I needed to step it up and get ready to go to the gym.

Water aerobics class was pretty good today. The instructor had us doing all kinds of things and we were up and down the pool. It was greatness, and I sure did get in a work out! The hot tub and steam room felt really good afterwards too.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous when I left the gym. The sun was out, and while it was a little on the windy side, it felt really good outside. The family and I had lots of running around to do, and I was glad we didn’t have to lug around jackets. One of the places that we needed to go to was in Downtown McKinney.  Downtown was packed with people,  and finding parking wasn’t so easy today. I’m sure everyone was out enjoying the nice weather.

Something happened this afternoon that hadn’t happened in a long time! Somehow, I managed to get both of the girls to relax for a few minutes,  and they BOTH fell asleep!! I can’t tell you when the last time was that they both napped on the weekend at the same time.  I couldn’t decide if I should nap or get up and start making my tutu.  After a few minutes,  I decided just to get up and do what I needed to do. So today, I actually had some “spare time”, and I chose to do something that I needed to do for myself. 🙂 It was really nice to be able to work on that from start to finish all in the same day.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again. While I’ve got lots to do, I may squeeze in some tutu making time as both girls want me to make one for them.