It’s Not ALL About Me….

When I first started on this journey, I was pretty quiet about it. I myself knew that I needed to change me, and I had several others suggesting that I needed to change me, without coming right out and saying so. From past experience, I knew it was best to keep things to myself just in case I didn’t stick with it. I didn’t want anyone calling me out in front of a room filled with people if I were to eat something that I shouldn’t. Trust me, it’s happened before.

As I started seeing positive results, I decided to share this lifestyle change I was doing. After researching challenges to keep my body moving, I started exercising at home after everyone went to bed. Two months of doing them on my own, I decided to start a challenge group to get others to join me. I expected maybe 5 people or so to jump in. Instead, I had about 45 friends join me. I was so excited to see their “before” and “after” photos at the end of round 1. Round 2 brought on more friends, and those friends invited their friends. We are now on round 3, and we have 154 members in our group. I’m so excited that these women want to tone up their bodies along side with me.

They tell me how I’ve inspired them, and they thank me for starting the group. In all honesty, they inspire me, and I appreciate them being in the group. They help keep me motivated and pumped up to be a better me. There are days that I’m so tired at the end of the day, and I’d rather go to bed than workout. However, I see the women checking in that their workout is complete, and it pushes me to get up and get moving. If it weren’t for them, I’m not sure I’d stay on track with the daily workouts.

At first, we were focusing on toning up our arms. We are now doing full body toning and sculpting. Seeing the results from their hard work is amazing. They work so hard, and I’m proud of each and every one of them. They help motivate others in the group, and I love that they are active with one another’s progress and struggles.

Avenue A, a local company, designed a logo for our group, and has made muscle shirts for some of our members. I can’t wait to see the ladies in their awesome tanks, showing off their guns.


So, here’s to the awesome ladies who push me to want to do better for myself! Thank you for joining me in becoming a healthier person. You ladies rock, and I can’t wait to see all of our results at the end of this month!

Keep on working hard, and you will see the results in the end. Push yourself to reach the finish line, no matter how long it takes you to get there!! It may not happen tomorrow, this month, or next, but it will happen!


Nike’s Dri Fit Be Strong Capris

Today I went to the Nike Outlet Store. I decided to go there to buy some workout pants/spanx since nothing I own at the moment fits the right way. Plus, I wanted to try some stuff on to find out what size I wore in case I ever wanted to purchase anything on their website.

I ended up buying 1 pair of “training” capris, 2 pairs of running capris, and 1 shirt. Since I now know how this stuff feels while working out, I plan on going back to get a few more items.

Instead of posting just pictures of my purchases, I decided that I would do video reviews of my workout gear so that people could hear my words. 🙂

My first review today is of the Be Strong Dri Fit Capris. I got some black ones. They are really comfortable and soft. Man, my feet look really big….Haha!


At first, I was skeptical to purchase them. I was afraid that they would be too tight, but they went up with no problem, and I wasn’t spilling out of them or anything like that.

To view my video review, click HERE to be redirected to my YouTube channel.

These capris really do hold in the moisture as you workout. You can’t feel or smell the sweat until you take the pants off. LOL They work really well to keep you dry.

I recommend these to anyone who needs new workout gear. They definitely do what the labels say they do, and they are really comfortable.

Until my next blog and/or review…..


They Say The Hardest Part is Letting Go

When you experience a loss of any kind, there is always something that you hold onto. Whether it be a photo, letter, t-shirt, etc. There is always that one thing that is going to remind you of a special time, place, or person.

I’ve been on my weight loss journey since January 4th. Here we are August 12th, and I am having a problem with letting go. Letting go of what you ask? Well, I have yet to clean out my closet and dresser drawers to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit due to them being too big. I know that once I do decide to let go, my closet and dresser are going to look rather bare. I actually had a dream that someone went into my closet and removed all of the bigger clothes. I freaked out because my favorites were gone, and there were dresses in there that I just wasn’t ready to get rid of. I remember waking up, getting out of bed, opening the closet door, and being so happy that it was only a dream.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many articles of clothing I own. Right now, there are only a handful of things that fit the way they are supposed to. One thing is for sure though, there is not one piece of clothing in there that is too small. As a matter of fact, I need to go shopping to buy some stuff that actually fits without me having to fold the waistline over just to keep them from falling down. My dress shirts swallow me up, and the t-shirts are really big. Some of my most favorite dresses hang too low in the front and on the sides, and if I choose to wear them, I have to wear an undershirt or something with them to not expose parts of my body. LOL Sad, I know……

Then there is the decision of donating the stuff or trying to sell it to make some money to buy new stuff. I know that there are plus sized women who would rock the dresses I have, and they’d look awesome in the skirts, jeans, and shorts that are feeling neglected right about now.

Why am I so afraid to let it all go? I know that I don’t plan on going back to where I was before. I’ve come so far, and I do not want to take any steps back. I’ve lost 95 pounds, and I’m not done just yet.

I have favorite t-shirts from special moments in my life. I can’t see myself parting with a few. I will keep them to sleep in since my gowns and night shirts are just way too big.

So, here’s to letting go…. I’ve let go of 95 pounds, and I don’t want them back, so why can’t I part with the clothing to go along with it? I’m going to pray for peace to help me start the process of letting go.


BLC 6 is Over

I have been participating in a Biggest Loser Competition with some of the Mommies in my January 2011 group. We started the competition on April 25th, and today was our last weigh-in.

This was the first time that I completed a BLC from start to finish and gave it 100% effort. Usually, I’d give up right at the beginning, take passes, not post body/scale pics, and I’d drop out. I’m excited to say that I was in the top 3 spots throughout the entire challenge. I’ve been able to hold onto the number 1 spot over the past few weeks. I’m anxiously awaiting the final chart post to see how I did!!

On the first day of the competition, we had to set a personal weight loss goal for ourselves. While my goal seemed a little far fetched, I was able to accomplish it!! I lost 32.4 pounds, which is a weight loss percentage of 13.94%. I was so excited to see the scale this morning. I honestly didn’t think I could reach the number that I was looking for.

The ladies in my group are awesome! We all helped each other get thru the competition. I compared my intro pictures to my pictures today, and I can see the difference. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m on my way…….

51.2…..but Who’s Counting?

ME!!! I’m counting…. Drum roll please….. 51.2 pounds gone! Good riddance….you’re NOT welcomed back!!!

At the beginning of January, I decided that it was time to make a change. I wasn’t happy with my outward appearance, and I needed to regain control of my body. The evilness of PCOS had commanded my body long enough. I decided that “Day 1” of the new me would start January 4th. Did I think of changing my mind? NO! Had I done all my research before doing the low carb way of eating? NO!! Is this new way of eating working for me? YES!!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how different I feel. I can move faster, I don’t get easily tired, I look forward to doing my workout, I can wear some clothes that I haven’t in a long time, and I feel “lighter”. Sometimes I don’t recognize my body when I’m standing in front of the mirror, when I’m wearing an outfit that’s been sitting in my closet for a while because it no longer fit me, or when I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts/outfits that fits way too big for me now.

In reality, I’ve lost as many pounds as my five year old weighs, and I’m a pound or two from losing as many pounds as my seven year old weighs. I can’t even imagine the fact that I was carrying that weight on me. How did I not struggle to get things done? How did I function with that extra weight packed on? Crazy how my eyes are so open to that now!

I know that people are different, and what works for me may not work for you. I’ve tried things in the past that friends and family were doing to become healthy, and it had NO impact on me whatsoever. I’m so grateful for finding something that works with my body.

There is one thing that I could do without on this new journey. That one thing is the “food nightmares” I’ve been having. What are those, you ask….. Well, last night I dreamt that I was eating a saltine cracker. All I could think about was how many carbs I was consuming, and how I wasn’t supposed to be eating it. I felt guilty while eating eat, but I still did it. I also was thinking about how it was going to impact my weigh in, but I ate every single piece of that saltine. When I woke-up, I was relieved to know that it was all a dream. I’ve had dreams of eating handfuls of chips, cookies, pizza, etc., and in those dreams I spit out the food when I realized what I was doing. LOL Crazy dreams!!! Between those dreams and work dreams, my mind is in overdrive!!!!

My game plan is to keep moving forward from here. I appreciate all of the support I have gotten from family and friends. I will share more of my journey another day!

Until then……….

I’m A Loser….There, I Said It!

Not many people in this world will admit when they are a “loser” or when they are trying to become a “loser”. One of my 2016 goals is to be a “loser”. I know some of you are thinking, “Um, why would you want to be a loser”. The kind of “loser” I am talking about is something to be proud of. I want to be a “loser” of losing some poundage that I no longer want to carry around with me.

What gave me the motivation to want to become “loser” status you ask. Well, take a look at this picture.


Yes, I’m putting myself out there even though this photo is not something to be proud of. Who is that person looking back at me? That my friends is someone who suffers from PCOS, someone who consumed and injected quite a few fertility medications, someone who is a stress eater, and someone who has put everyone ahead of herself.

My Endocrinologist had been wanting me to start a low carb way of eating for a while. Did I listen to her? Heck to the NO! I wasn’t quite ready to go there just yet. I love food, and I wasn’t ready to give up my favorite stuff. Besides, what would I do if I got stressed out? How could I turn down delicious cake at the events I am at? I’m okay with the way that I am. I am loved no matter what…..

That was all fine and dandy until I started being on the other “side” of the camera. My fellow photographers would snap photos of me when we’d be testing lighting, and I’d see those images come edit time. I wasn’t sure who that person was that I was looking at any longer. How did I let myself get to that point? Yes, PCOS plays a major role in my weight, but I can do something to manage that.

I had been waiting for someone to start the low carb way of eating with me, thinking that I would fail if I didn’t have accountability. I have several online friends who are accountable, but text on a screen can only do so much. After waiting and waiting to get with it, I did it on my terms. My friends who I wanted to start this with me weren’t quite ready yet. I couldn’t make them join me if they weren’t prepared to take the first step with me. I had to decide to just do it or wait for someone else to want to do it with me.

On January 4, 2016, I decided that it was time. No more yummy loaded baked potatoes, no more awesome breakfast tacos, no more cake, candy, ice cream, chips, fried food, and no more Chick-fil-A sandwiches and yummy waffle fries. What would I eat, just salads, stuff I don’t even like? Nope, that wasn’t the deal. I found that I could eat eggs, cheese, pickles, steak, chicken, pork chops, fish, pork rinds, and yummy things that had lots of protein, low carbs (if any), and low sugar. After contemplating it for a while, I realized that this was something that I could do, on my own, without waiting for anyone to join me. The time to start was NOW! No more excuses!!!

I joined quite a few Facebook pages for this “new” way of eating. These “supporters” post so many recipes, encouraging stories and photos, and they offer great advice. There are many women who suffer from PCOS on these forums. This way of eating has been the best thing they’ve ever done for themselves. I feel that I can connect with quite a few of the people in these groups even though we’ve never met in person.

So now, I’m one of those people who reads labels at the grocery store, log in every single thing that I put in my mouth via MyFitnessPal, use a food scale to weigh my food, and a person who brings her own food to an event just in case there is food that is “not friendly” to my way of eating. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Yeah, I used to think the same thing. It really isn’t a lot of work. It has become part of my routine.

I have not had any problems turning down food that I used to love. It doesn’t even bother me to see others eating those foods either. Honestly, I feel great, I have more energy, and I can see changes in my body that other people may not be able to see yet.

Here I am 56 days on this new way of eating. My clothes are sagging, and my face is taking on a new look.

02 29 16 25 8 pounds down

I was really excited to jump on the scale this morning to see that I hit my first goal. I’ve lost a total of 25.8 pounds. Do you know what 25 pounds of fat looks like? Yeah, I didn’t either. Let me show you………

what fat looks like5lb-fat-brick

So the globs of the yellowish/orangish stuff in both pictures is now gone! I’ve lost 5 bricks. Think about how much lighter my body feels after dropping those bricks. Crazy, huh? Seeing these photos puts things into perspective. I do not want those 5 bricks back, nor do I want those globs of fat back either!

Can I continue to do this until I hit my final goal? I’m going to say YES, I CAN! Have I ever had thoughts of having a cheat day, um YES, but have I, NO!!!! This way of eating has become a part of who I am. I don’t force it on others. I’m doing this for me! Okay, I’m doing it for my kids as well because I want to be here for them!

So, if you’re on the fence about starting something new, really think about it, and do it when you are ready. If you’re not ready, you may not succeed in reaching your goals. Trust me, take it from someone who had people wanting to help me, but refused their help. You’ll know when you’re ready!!!!